What is Mindset Transformation?

It all depends on who you ask! Some people are going to sell you on a service or product designed to fix an area of your life. Some will rope you into a program that gives you tons of how-to advice and a laundry list of things to-do but they haven't cultivated a deep interpersonal connection or mapped out a journey to guide you through the process. Then overwhelm kicks in and you may give up.

"Our programs deeply explores the complexities of the relationship that you have with yourself." 

Embrace not Erase: Celebrating your Story 

Everything you are is so damn beautiful, warts and all. The goal of creating Mindset Transformation isn’t to erase all of the less than desirable qualities or situations. These create the landscapes of what has shaped you today. Are you familiar with The Butterfly Effect? It’s the concept that shifting one thing about who you are would create an entirely different outcome. Sure that may sound like a road you’d like to travel down but what if instead of trying to mask, cover up or erase the pain, we celebrated all that it has taught you, embraced how it has shaped you and worked to make it part of your strength, not weakness?

"Candice and Chivonne give you the tools and perspective to think outside the box, to look at your life through an unfiltered lens and to explore the world you are creating."

- Tammy Watts

Mindset Transformation
is for you if...

Chaos to Calm programs are not substitutes for traditional therapeutic modalities. As people who firmly believe in the process of formal therapy, we cannot overemphasize that coaches aren’t qualified to deep-dive into past trauma or begin to dissect the personal ongoings of tightly held beliefs. 


It would be unethical for us or any coach that you chose to work with to act as a substitute for someone with the formal training necessary to help you overcome PTSD or unprocessed trauma in its various manifestations. 

Are you ready for a Mindset Transformation?

"We give you the tools to find CLARITY about where you want to go, the CONFIDENCE to make the bold moves needed to get what you want, and a gameplan to be CONSISTENT in the grind to make it all happen." 

Ready to take the next step in your transformational journey? Why not book in for a free Care Call? This no-commitment conversation is an opportunity for us to connect and determine if working together is a good fit. We can then discuss a program and timeline designed to work with your busy life.