Have you ever heard the quote, “Smooth seas don’t make for skilled sailors”?

This concept refers to the moments in life that adversity produces strength. Be it through the collapse of a relationship, getting fired from a job or any number of things that could derail your personal life. Growth and learning aren’t conducive to good times. It’s when shit hits the fan that we have our biggest breakthroughs.

You know what this means? Do the shit that scares you!

Imagine waking up and conquering one of your fears? What would happen? Would your life implode? Would you be harshly judged or criticized? Or is there a chance that you’d open the door to new possibilities? I’m sure you know I’m referencing the latter.

So what’s one area in your life where you’ve really held back?

Mine was launching my business.

I spent years building a foundation of yoga, massage and nutrition. I’ve lived in five countries, traveled the globe and done a significant amount of personal work. I have given free insight and advice to friends, family and strangers for ways in which they could live more enriching lives. People come to me because I’m an active listener, have an intuitive ability to connect and can offer empowering strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Then someone suggested that I start getting paid for my time.

“Umm pardon me? Who am I to charge people for my observations? I’m not qualified. I don’t have enough accreditations. I couldn’t do that.”

My insidious internal dialogue undermined my ability to take the leap.

It was heartbreaking.

For years I struggled with my vocation. Nothing ever felt like it fit. I was like Goldilocks and the beds I was attempting to settle into were neither inspiring, uplifting nor motivating.

All the while, I had this nagging feeling that I was meant to help people on a much larger scale. It’s what I’d always been called to do.

Every year I denied that truth, my light faded, my soul became depleted and I outwardly searched for the answers I instinctively possessed.

Fear kept me from taking the leap.

I felt like an imposter. I was worried I’d be judged. “Who does she think she is, calling herself a coach?

I was terrified about being seen, being heard and making a global impact.

Playing small was playing safe.

One day, the fear of remaining the same and the painful realization that the life I was creating wasn’t in line with who I truly was finally set me free. I knew it was time to step into my light.

And so I begin.

Slowly, cautiously. Some days it felt like I’d taken one step forward and fifty steps back.

I’ve often described creating a business like starting a puzzle. There’s 1000 pieces and they’re all different. Each one is significant to the whole but for the life of you, it’s impossible to see how it will come together.

Good intentions don’t lead to creation, however.

You could stare at those pieces for days but until you pick up the first one, it will remain a scrambled mess. With consistency, patience and resolve, you’ll eventually make the connections. Before you know it, that beautiful mess will be transformed into a finished product.

It starts with the first piece.

Yet despite our desire for change, we can fall victim to inertia. Fear can leave us paralyzed and sabotage our ability to take the first step.

Your mind is hardwired for self-preservation. But what if the stories you’re telling yourself are wrong? We all succumb to illogical, irrational and unrealistic worries and we’re really great at coming up with worst case scenarios.

But how many of your predictions have come to fruition? My guess is very few. Fear is like a rocking chair; it gives us something to do but it never gets us anywhere.

Stop cultivating inaction for fear of the reaction.

I challenge you to pick up the first piece.

What have you put off? Ending a bad relationship? Broaching a hard conversation? Asking for a raise? Quitting your job? Going for that first run? Putting down the bottle? Make today the day you decided to really go for it.

Give yourself permission to step into your greatest version. Begin where you are. Begin where you’re uncomfortable. Begin without having it all figured out. Just begin.

We get one shot in this beautiful game of life and there are no do-overs. So make damn sure you chose the ending, mark up the pages and live with conscious intention every step of the journey.

With Love and Light.


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