Staring into my computer screen, I waited for inspiration to strike. Searching the back corners of my mind, I hoped to overturn some untold brilliance or worldly insight. I found none.

They say you shouldn’t wait to be inspired to act, you should act and then you shall be inspired. Funny how that works.

This concept eluded me for years because I’d all but convinced myself that I had nothing interesting to say, therefore I said nothing.

For years I’ve known I would be a professional speaker and coach as well as running retreats, writing a blog and hosting a podcast.

Despite these cardinal truths, an insidious voice nagged from the sidelines and convinced me to play small.

My inner dialogue had concluded that I’m not engrossing nor my perceptions impassioned enough to be heard.

How crazy is that?

In deluded self-preservation, fear convinced me I shouldn’t speak out. It challenged my belief that I could help people and played out a multitude of scenarios in which I’d fail if I tried.

Despite myself, I continued to lead and empower, reinforced by the notion that my attitude, viewpoint and approach to life adds tremendous value to those I encountered.

By pushing through my limiting beliefs, I was able to change the narrative from, “You are not enough” to “You are inspiring.”

This allowed for an objective approach to fear. I could ask my fear questions:

  • Will you actually fail?

  • What would that look like?

  • Could you try again?

  • What makes you think you have nothing of value to say?

  • Why shouldn’t you pursue your dreams?

  • What would happen if you went for it?

Have a conversation with your fear. What is it telling you? How is it trying to protect you? How is it no longer serving you? In what ways could you change your narrative?

It is imperative that you show up for yourself. Whatever gifts you've been bestowed, whatever talents, thoughts and ideas that come to you naturally are inspiring to others. By showing up as your best version, you inspire the lives of those around you. However obvious or subtle, your unique contribution adds worth. Every time fear leads to inaction, your tribe suffers.

What you have to say counts. How you share your talents makes a difference and the world needs every little bit of who you are. There has never been another you; with all of your unique gifts and perspectives and it’s paramount that you show up as your best damn version.

Are you funny? Like to juggle? Crazy organized? Great with words? Fascinated by numbers? An origami wizard? In love with plants?

Whatever your bag, there is a niche for it. There is somebody else so lit up by your weirdness, your light and your gifts that they would move mountains to be in your presence. We are deeply interconnected and require the best of one another to live our lives fully.

You matter. So. Damn. Much.

So show up in this beautiful world as the most confident, sexy, inspiring version of yourself. Don’t let fear hold you back from living an authentic and badass life.

You are special. You are enough. You are not alone.

Don’t wait for inspiration, go out there and create your own. You got this.

In Love and Light,


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