Remember when you were a kid and you’d say things like, “I’m going to walk on Mars, marry Brad Pitt or work for the President?”

As adults, we chuckle at the ambitions of our former, naive little selves; not yet burdened by the realities of present day life - Brad Pitt has like 20 kids and the President is a Twitter-happy nut job.

But what if it was less about the dreams we dreamt and more about the audacity we had to think so big?

Adults create limitations where children don’t see them. Imaging having the ambition and childlike bravado of our younger selves? What invisible barriers could be broken surrounding our limitless potential?

What did you desire as a child that has been deemed unattainable and unrealistic as an adult?

Consider shifting your dialogue from “can’t” to “could”? From “impossible” to “attainable”? From “never going to happen” to “let’s see what could happen”?

You could alter your entire life’s trajectory.

If you currently know how to accomplish your goals then they’re not big enough. Your goals should be so outlandish that part of the achievement will be in creating the road map to attain them..

They should be surprising and terrifying; sparking a fire under your ass and getting you so lit up every time you think about them.

Ponder this, won’t you? “Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be”.

What is your current reality? Where do you want to be in five years? What steps can you take today in order to move you in that direction?

Let me get vulnerable for a second and share some of my audacious goals:

  • Work with Tony Robbins (share a stage with him and collaborate on a wellness seminar)

  • Give a TedTalk, then another and then another

  • Publish a book

  • Start a charity

  • Live in Costa Rica

  • Own a wellness centre

  • Facilitate yoga/wellness retreats in South America

  • Walk the Camino

  • Run a marathon

  • Set a world record

  • Create a global wellness brand

Some of these are realistic while a few are pretty outlandish. Their commonality is the road map required for completion.

Do I know how I’m going to work with Tony Robbins? Not today.

However, that doesn’t stop me reverse engineering the execution of this goal. My desired outcome is a collaboration. With this in mind, I start working backwards from this point to come up with the steps to make this dream a reality.

We all have the audacity to think large and in charge. Yet most of us can’t wrap our minds around the idea that we can have whatever the heck we want.

Jen Sincero suggests taking the, “I just want to see what would happen” approach.

Saying, “I just want to see if I can get out of debt. I just want to see if I can start my own business. I just want to see if I can lose weight.”

This concept of approaching goals with a childlike curiosity takes the pressure off achieving the desired result and focuses more on the process. It’s that whole, “Life is a journey, not a destination” mentality.

Go inward for a moment.

What is your biggest aspiration? What have you been scared to begin? What inspires you? What does the best version of your life look like? What will you do with your one, precious life? How will you live it? Who will you show up as? What sets a fire under your ass? What would happen if you took the first step?

Never stop dreaming. Never stop creating. Never stop being inspired.

Whatever you desire, just being. Begin where you are. Begin before you have all the answers. Begin before you think you’re ready. Begin with fear. Begin with uncertainty. Just begin.

Then go after those goals with the same childlike enthusiasm you had before fear and judgement slowed you down.

As a gentle reminder, you’re not alone. You got this. You’re a powerful manifestor and you can have everything your beautiful heart desires.

You deserve it all, baby.

Now, let’s hear it. What are your BIG, HAIRY, so fucking AUDACIOUS goals????

In Love and Light,


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