I’m about to say something pretty bold and possibly triggering: 2020 has thus far, been the best year of my life.

That’s a profound statement given that uncertainty of the world, the global and economic fallout from Covid-19 and the unstable platform our future currently balances on, but it’s true.

Allow me to explain.

I began the year in Florida, ending a second Disney contract and closing another chapter in the Sunny South. While I was saddened to leave the US and more deeply impacted by the notion of not seeing my dad and step mom weekly, I was grateful for the experiences, love and learning cumulated in the past 12 months.

From there I went to Thailand amidst the beginning stages of Coronavirus. I spent two months in Chiang Mai further developing my proficiency in Thai Massage and traveling around.

It was here that I met the most significant man on my journey thus far.

This free-spirited Canadian was spending the year in the country while working remote. We connected on a deep mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

My time with him was both generative and informative, passionate and profound. I learned more about myself in two months with him than I had in the past few years. I tapped into my creativity and began to evaluate my values, desires and life path.

When I was forced to leave the country due to the virus, I was overcome with sadness. Despite my untimely departure, I put my faith in the universe to guide me wherever I was meant to wander next.

I spent two weeks in quarantine with my sister (who flew home from Ireland and was also in mandatory isolation), cousin and his wife.

Our structured days consisted of work until 5:00p.m., promptly followed by a group workout. We’d then blast music while we cooked, have deep conversations and finish up the evening with reading or Tiger King (definitely binged that show.) The weekends were spent soaking up the first rays of spring sunshine and being together. It was an incredibly generative and connective experience and a beautiful way to return home.

After that, my sister, mother, dog and I moved in together.

It’s been eight years since Shinead and I have lived together (and several living in the same country.) Coming home to our mother’s wasn’t in the plan for either of us but it has been a welcomed blessing.

Shinead and I are ridiculously close and the time together has further connected us. I’ve also been able to bond with my momma and our shared love of photography; spending weekends taking photos and exploring hidden gems in the city.

I’ve also been able to spend time with my Canadian tribe.

So often I’m living abroad or traveling extensively and miss out on events with my friends. Even while living in Canada, I rarely made appearances because of my fluctuating work schedule.

Covid has brought us all together in unprecedented ways.

I’ve been on bike rides, attended birthday parties, have BBQ’s and bonfires. There’s been pool days and Zoom chats; afternoon coffees or evening wine.

My connection to the women I love and support has flourished this year. My heart feels full and my mouth hurts from laughing. Never before have our schedules aligned so perfectly and it makes me greatly appreciate the simplicity and ease with which we all come together.

Then there’s my business.

Prior to 2020 I had enrolled in a Wellness Leadership program, committing a great deal of money towards starting my business. Yet, I hadn’t been in the headspace to bring my vision to life.

Being back in Canada kicked me into high gear and gave wings to my creation. My business has grown tenfold (and continues to flourish.) My drive and dedication came from the unexpected time I've had to refocus and get clear on my future.

That’s the other thing about 2020, it has allowed time for reflection, reevaluation and rewiring in who I want to be. I’ve taken inventory of my behaviour (both what works and what doesn’t) and generated a clear picture of where I’m headed. Without the involuntary pause, I may not have crystallized my vision for where I’m headed.

All of this is to say, I have deeper connections, a thriving business, clarity in my life and a better understanding of who I am, thanks in large part to the global events of the past nine months.

I understand that for many, this year has posed more lessons than love but I truly hope that whatever has manifested in your world, you’ve met it with an open heart. There is much to be gained in the face of adversity and we can either be crushed under the weight of loss or allow it to flow through us and accept that perhaps the world is conspiring to teach, guide and make us uncomfortable in order to allow for growth.

I would love to hear how the year has unfolded for you. Hopefully you’ve found grace and humility amidst the ever-changing global situation.

I know I am stronger and more resilient. The Chivonne of 2019 is not the Chivonne of 2020 and I’m so grateful.

With Love and Light,


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