about chivonne

My journey into personal development began at a very young age. I grew up in an alcoholic household, and by the time I was 13, I had been emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually assaulted.


These years, while painful, were the catalysts into a 20-year-endeavour that would expand across each continent, flow over every ocean, and lead me to endlessly wander in the vain pursuit of happiness.


I spent a number of years drinking too much, parting too hard and entertaining meaningless relationships; all of which left me feeling empty and depleted.

My exploration into my own healing inspired me to help others.

"My paradoxical attempt to feel loved, seen, validated, and wanted, had actually left me feeling broken, lost, ashamed, and alone."

I struggled with depression and was convinced that I could quite literally run away from myself and everything that had left me hollow.

I ran all the way to Costa Rica where I lived and taught English. When that experience ended, I ran away to Ireland where I worked in a bar and drank too much. Evidently though, I hadn’t gone far enough because my inadequacy, sadness and unworthiness had tracked me down.

Next, I ran away to Abu Dhabi where I flew for an airline. This was an unthinkably low time in my life. I was suicidal and alone, despite the fact that I was surrounded by people who loved me. 

That chapter, while difficult, offered me some of my greatest lessons. I discovered a well of strength, resilience, and patience that I was unaware I possessed.  I learned of my empathy, commitment, and desire to find myself.

"Most importantly, I awakened an unshakeable will to live; unearthed by the realization that I never wanted another person to feel the depth of despair in which I had found myself."

This shifted my focus from external to internal. 

After leaving the Middle East, I became a Hot Yoga instructor, Thai Massage practitioner, dove deep into Holistic Nutrition and became obsessed with personal development and self-help.


I worked with several therapists, explored NPL, CBT, EMDR, TRE and other modalities to untether myself from trauma, deeply held personal beliefs, perfectionism, and self-loathing. 

This beautiful, challenging, and inquisitive journey took me to 33 different countries and eventually brought me back to myself.

"Evidently though, I hadn’t gone far enough because my inadequacy, sadness and unworthiness had tracked me down."


"This beautiful, challenging, and inquisitive journey took me to 33 different countries and eventually brought me back to myself."

The most profound moment was when I began to love myself and understand that the elusive happiness I’d been seeking was within me all along. It was never something I would find at the bottom of a bottle or on the other side of the planet. It began and ended with my ability to cultivate self-love, to accept my imperfections and to honor the beautiful woman I had been painfully attempting to become. 

Everything that has happened to me over the past 34 years has prepared me to help others. I am both compassionate and empathetic, intuitive and reflective. Some of this is through lived experience, while most of it is just me.

"I am committed to helping women along their journeys, possibly saving them some of the pain and heartache that I’ve endured. I bring both love and lessons into my coaching and am passionate about making a global impact that supports women the world over." 

If you feel called to connect, I’d love to hear your story. Together we could uncover the healing still needed to be done and create a plan of empowerment to guide you back to your most inspired, happy and connected self. 

In Love and Light, 



"When you begin to love yourself, you begin to heal. In this space, you're reconnected to the truth of who you are."

my ethos

Live your life on purpose.

Let go of your harsh self-criticism. You’re losing precious time - time that you’ll waste comparing your body, your kids, your job, car, house, education, relationship, family, background, and income.

The you lose. You lose self-love, self-respect, happiness, joy and connection. Instead, you gain resentment, fear, depression, anger, jealousy, hate and comparison.

Slowly, the insidious notion that you are not enough becomes your reality as you continue to wish it were different. Don’t succumb to lack.


"When you resonate from a place of what is, you learn to be fully present and aware of what’s really important; family, friends, art, expression, nature, happiness, connection and love."

Accept your perfectly-imperfect, beautifully-flawed, creative and caring heart.

"Fall in love with the process of getting to know yourself." 

It begins with loving yourself. The moment you do, the entire game changes.

You align with your purpose and accept that you were always enough.


In that space of clarity, abundance is born.


You prioritize your health; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. You become intentional with your thoughts; speaking kindly to yourself and others. You start to value your time; showing up for yourself and your tribe. 


Having a healthy bond with your inner truth gives way for depth in your connections and generates fullness in your journey. 

The most profound part of self-love is recognizing that happiness was never something to be found outside ourselves, rather it is cultivated from within.


This beautiful truth means you have always been happiness, you have always been love, you have always been enough.

The world needs you to show up as your fullest expression. Make a choice to live, on purpose.