about candice

I know what it feels like to lose what seems like everything but then to gain more than you could ever even imagine.

My journey has been filled with both trauma and triumph. The challenges and adversity I've overcome have taught me how to adapt and cultivate resilience.


The heartaches created stories that at times, played out in stereotypical ways and yet from the outside, it looked like I had it all together. 

I had always been super driven, did the right thing and never gave up. It was exhausting....

Underneath it all, I spent my life striving for someone's approval and never really felt satisfied with myself.

Hitting my personal rock bottom in 2013 gave me an invaluable life lesson...even if it was an extremely difficult lesson to learn. When no one was there to pull me out of my misery I found that the person I actually needed to rely on...the most important person in my life....was me.


At first, I wouldn't have been able to describe how I went from being practically suicidal...not for the first time I might add...to being freaking fantastic.

It took a year and a half to really notice the profound transformation and when I created a timeline to see what had taken place over that time period, it became clear.

People, events and a variety of circumstances had come into my life and helped me to heal and become more aware of who I was and who I was meant to be.

Today, I share what I learned with others. Let me share that wisdom with you and help you to create the life you were intended to live.


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Candice Allen B.A., B.Ed. M.Ed

With a background in teaching and educational psychology as well as being a certified coach with the Ontario Principals Council, I have spent years guiding people on their path to success, both in school and in life.


As a coach, teacher and public speaker, I work with high achievers to recognize and release emotional blockages stemming from past trauma so that they are able to rebuild their sense of self and establish healthy relationships with others.​


What I am most passionate about is assisting individuals to get on track in their life journey and never go back to the person that did not fully see their worth. 

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I work with high achievers like you, to RECOGNIZE limiting habits and beliefs, RELEASE toxic patterns and RECONNECT with who they were truly meant to be!


soul revelation readings

Do you feel lost or uncertain as to what direction to go in life? Do you feel it’s time for a life change but don’t know how to get started? 

My readings are authentic, insightful and honest. You will gain an understanding of your blocks and how to surpass them. It’s time to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter. 

I am a gifted psychic intuitive using both tarot and oracle cards to gain insight from Spirit to help you understand aspects of yourself and gain clarity on what your soul wants you to know. 

I offer guidance about your current situation, answer questions you might have about your life path and will hopefully inspire a shift in perspective.